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Second World War
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Exhibition Theme - Battle

Battle of Britain

Paul Nash (1889-1946)
Battle of Britain, Paul Nash, Imperial War Museum, ART LD 1550

The painting is an attempt to give the sense of an aerial battle in operation over a wide area and thus summarises England's great aerial victory over Germany. The scene includes certain elements constant during the Battle of Britain - the river winding from the town and across parched country, down to the sea; beyond, the shores of the Continent, above, the mounting cumulus concentrating at sunset after a hot brilliant day; across the spaces of sky, trails of airplanes, smoke tracks of dead or damaged machines falling, floating clouds, parachutes, balloons. Against the approaching twilight new formations of Luftwaffe, threatening.

Oil on canvas 121.9 x 182.8 cm
Painted in Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1941
Imperial War Museum ART LD 1550

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