and Canada
in the
Second World War
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Acronyms and Abbreviations

AFSAuxiliary Fire Service
AIAArtists International Association
AIFAustralian Imperial Force
ANZACAustralian New Zealand Army Corps
ATSAuxiliary Territorial Service
AWCAllied Works Council
AWLAAustralian Women's Land Army
AWMAustralian War Memorial
BEFBritish Expeditionary Force
CASContemporary Art Society
CCCCivil Constructional Corps
CWACCanadian Women's Army Corps
CWMCanadian War Museum
CWMFCanadian War Memorials Fund
CWRCanadian War Records
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross
EATSEmpire Air Training Scheme
HMASHis Majesty's Australian Ship
HMSHis Majesty's Ship
IWMImperial War Museum
LAALight Anti-Aircraft
MBEMember of the Order of the British Empire
MHSMilitary History Section
NCONon-Commissioned Officer
RARoyal Academician
RAERoyal Australian Engineers
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RAFRoyal Air Force
RCARoyal Canadian Artillery
RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force
RCNVRRoyal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RFCRoyal Flying Corps
RMRoyal Marines
RNRoyal Navy
VE DayVictory in Europe Day
WAAAFWomen's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
WAACWar Artists Advisory Committee [British]
WACWar Artists Committee [Canadian]
WASWar Artists Scheme
WrensWomen's Royal Canadian Naval Service
WVSWomen's Voluntary Service


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