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Exhibition Theme - Battle

Burma - 14th Army: the battle of the Sittang Bend. Men of the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment making an armed patrol

Leslie Cole (1910-1977)
Burma - 14th Army: the battle of the Sittang Bend, Leslie Cole, Imperial War Museum, ART LD 5617

Soldiers cross a swollen river that threatens to sweep them away. However, such is their determination, the elements are almost incidental in the need to track and confront an unseen enemy. The battle of Sittang Bend was the last, and one of the bloodiest, conflicts in Burma as the remaining Japanese forces attempted to break out of the ravines of the Pegu Yomas during the heavy rains but found their way barred by British troops.

Oil on canvas 64.7 x 97.7 cm
Painted in Burma, 1945
Imperial War Museum ART LD 5617

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