Revolution Rejected: Canada and the American Revolution  
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How well do you know Canada's military history?

Put your knowledge to the test by answering the following ten questions.

1. In order to secure the support of Canada's French-speaking inhabitants, the British government granted significant legal rights to the Canadiens with the passing of:
a) The Treaty of Versailles
b) The Royal Proclamation
c) The Quebec Act
d) The Repeal Bill
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2. During the American Revolution, Rebel forces invaded Quebec and what other modern-day province?
a) Ontario
b) Prince Edward Island
c) Newfoundland
d) Nova Scotia
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3. General Allan MacLean was the military governor of Montreal and led Loyalist troops against the rebels in the American War of Independence. Ironically, where did he receive his first battlefield experience?
a) The Battle of Culloden
b) The Siege of Louisbourg
c) The Battle of the Plains of Abraham
d) The Taking of Ticonderoga
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4. Which American general gained military experience commanding the troops laying siege to Quebec in 1775 and later supported the British cause?
a) Benedict Arnold
b) George Washington
c) Richard Montgomery
d) Nathanael Greene
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5. What reason prompted the American commander to launch his attack against Quebec on 31 December, 1775?
a) The British would be celebrating New Year's Eve.
b) The Americans would be helped by a blinding snowstorm.
c) The term of enlistment of American troops would expire at midnight.
d) It was just a coincidence.
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6. Which of the following units was NOT present at the Battle of Quebec on 31 December, 1775?
a) 84th Royal Highland Emigrants
b) Canadien militia
c) 10th Royal Lincolnshire
d) 7th Royal Fusiliers
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7. Americans were forced to lift their siege of Quebec in May 1776, when…
a) a British warship appeared on the St. Lawrence River
b) a smallpox epidemic devastated their ranks
c) they were running out of ammunition
d) the American Congress ordered them home
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8. What Canadian university shares the same name as the British Governor of the Province of Quebec during the American Revolution?
a) Brock
b) Dalhousie
c) York
d) Carleton
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9. Having forced the Americans to evacuate Canada in the summer of 1776, the pursuing British failed to destroy the rebel remnants at the battle of:
a) Saratoga
b) Valcour Island
c) Monmouth Courthouse
d) Yorktown
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10. After the American Revolution, thousands of American exiles fled to Canada and laid the foundations for Ontario and the Maritimes. What hereditary title did they receive to honour their loyalty to the British Crown?
a) American refugees
b) The King's Rangers
c) United Empire Loyalists
d) British North Americans