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Crowds dancing, Kings Cross, Sydney

Donald Friend (1915-1989)
Crowds dancing, Kings Cross, Sydney, Donald Friend, Australian War Memorial, ART23203

On 13 May 1945, VE Day, Friend went in search of revelry, only to be disappointed. However, the following evening he found "an amazing scene. When I got home I made drawings of it . I'm afraid the war art people will loathe them. I guess they'll dislike all my stuff: it's probably destined to moulder for a century or so in the cellars until some subsequent war unearths it as antique bellicose curiosa or 'a superb national heritage' or something."

Pen and coloured ink, brush and wash, crayon with Scratching back, pencil on paper 51.1 x 68 cm
Drawn in Sydney, 1945
Acquired under official war art scheme in 1945
Australian War Memorial

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