Canadian Wartime Propaganda

First World War Propaganda Poster

For Industrial Expansion, Buy Victory Bonds, CWM 19720121-132

For Industrial Expansion, Buy Victory Bonds

This poster is characterized by strong diagonal and vertical lines, the primary colours of red, blue, and yellow, and bold lettering. Arthur Keelor, a freelance graphic designer during the war, was clearly familiar with some of the newer and more modern, even revolutionary, design approaches emerging at the time.

Unlike most posters of the period, which presented themes of patriotism, imperialism, or sacrifice with more or less traditional texts and images, some modern designs derived inspiration from the period's labour militancy, social - especially urban - reform movements, and various causes of the political left. Note here how Keelor makes muscular heroes of the labourers constructing a bridge.

Designed by Arthur Keelor
Printer and publisher unknown
Commercial colour print, 1914-1918 Canada
CWM 19720121-132

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