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I Was a Victim of Careless Talk, CWM 19920196-140

I Was a Victim of Careless Talk

In this frightening image, a dead man accuses viewers of bringing about his tragic death at sea by gossiping. The brutal frankness of designer Harry Mayerovitch, director of the Wartime Information Board's Graphic Arts Division, here reflects the life-and-death struggle then being waged during the Battle of the Atlantic. Its chilling, ominous style appears to borrow directly from Hollywood monster movie posters, including those from the 1931 hit, Frankenstein, with Boris Karloff. In November 1943, 30,000 copies of this poster were distributed in Canada.

Designed by Harry Mayerovitch (Mayo)
Printer unknown
Published by the Wartime Information Board
Commercial colour print, 1943 Canada
CWM 19920196-140

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