The Oxford Companion to Canadian Military History

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L’évolution du Canada en tant que puissance militaire est relatée par les historiens J. L. Granatstein and Dean F. Oliver. 528 pages, 150 illustrations en noir et blanc, 71 illustrations couleur et 30 cartes géographiques. Ce livre est disponible en Anglais seulement.

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Format : Rigide Dimension : 7.5″ x 9.625″ Nombre de pages : 528 ISBN : 9780195430882 The battle of Vimy Ridge, the Dieppe raid, the Italian Campaign: the Canadian military has been indispensable to many of the greatest victories – and disasters – of our time. The evolution of Canada as a military power is chronicled here by military historians J.L. Granatstein and Dean F. Oliver in this authoritative and highly readable book. Their entries include concise biographies from James Wolfe to Louis Riel to Rick Hillier; key military-political issues like the conscription crises, war finance, and Canada-US relations; lesser-known conflicts such as the Pig War and the Aroostook War; and more recent issues facing the Canadian Forces, including sexual harassment and post-traumatic stress disorder. We see Canada through an international lens as a war fighter and a peacekeeper – and as a participant in some darker moments (as in the Somalia Affair of the 1990s). Rare photographic material and original wartime paintings (reproduced in full colour) illustrate the people, events, and hardware that define Canada’s military history. Additional material includes a timeline chart and a list of ministers and military chiefs. An authoritative guide and compelling read, The Oxford Companion to Canadian Military History reminds us of our collective history that we must continue to investigate, understand, and now – more than ever – remember. Contents: List of Maps Preface Acknowledgements Timeline The Oxford Companion to Canadian Military History Appendix: Ministers and Military Chiefs Illustration Credits Special features:

Over 220 original photographs, paintings, and maps, many of which have not been seen before

Highly respected authors: J.L. Granatstein’s honours include the Order of Canada, the Pierre Berton Award, the National History Award, the J.W. Dafoe Prize, the UBC Medal for Canadian Biography, the Canadian Authors Association’s Lela Common Award for Canadian History, the J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal, and the Vimy Award. He has also received many honorary degrees.

Recently knighted by the Netherlands, Dean F. Oliver is the chief curator of the Canadian War Museum, and has access to considerable unpublished material

Published in association with the Canadian War Museum, which has given us access to rare archival material that has not been seen by the general public

Highly readable entries include compelling accounts of central international battles, key political analysis, and defining historical events

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